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About Us

Our Mission

Driven by a sense of social responsibility, La Maison Verte’s mission is to cultivate quality plants in greenhouses for reforestation, consumption and landscaping in order to encourage the employment of women in a stimulating work environment where cooperation and innovation are valued. 

La Maison Verte is a unique business in its kind, seeing as it belongs to the Association Parmi-Elles, a women-only non-for-profit association whose mandate since the beginning of the 1980s is to establish business projects in order to create job opportunities for women.


In 1981, the Association Parmi-Elles was receiving support from the federal and provincial governments and found 70 local investors to support the establishment of a greenhouse destined to grow seedlings for reforestation. In autumn of 1982, the first greenhouses were built, thus marking the birth of La Maison Verte.


In the beginning, La Maison Verte signed an agreement with the Minister of Natural Resources of Ontario to produce two million seedlings. In 1988 and 1991, agreements with forestry companies allowed them to increase the production to six million. The production has since continued to grow, gradually attaining around nine million seedlings per year, and these for our three principal clients: Hearst Forest Management Inc., Nagagami S.F.L. and Tembec.


Throughout the years, La Maison Verte has largely contributed to the regional economy all the while creating jobs in the community. Presently, we offer employment to seven permanent employees as well as around thirty seasonal employees. 


Winner of the Phénix Prize 2002
for Northen Ontario.
Winner of the Community 
Distinction Prize 2010
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