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Tomatoes and Cucumbers 

In the spirit of diversification and job creation, La Maison Verte started the production of tomatoes in 1994 and cucumbers in 2009.


In 1998, the designated greenhouse for the production of tomatoes was extended and production capacity went from 1 800 to 2 300 plants. 


These vegetables are sold and distributed regionally. They are delivered in Hearst, Mattice, Kapuskasing, Moonbeam, Smooth Rock Falls, Cochrane and Timmins. 


Our Vegetable Garden


In 2009, we created a vegetable garden as a project for diversification. We now have an outdoor vegetable garden and one in a tunnel, depending on what is preferable for the growth of the vegetable. All surplus of vegetables is sold in bulk in the Gift Shop and Garden of La Maison Verte.

Vegetable Basket


This project began in 2011 with 32 fresh vegetable baskets that were available for 15 weeks. In 2016, there we 50. The baskets are produced in partnership with multiple local producers and include a variety of vegetables every week, according to the availability and time of year. They are available from June to September. Moreover, in order to help people discover new vegetables, recipes are added to each of the baskets. 


To better serve our customers, they now have the choice between a small basket or a large one. This has increased the number of baskets to 60 for the 2023 season..

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